nutrition coaching program & prices

For many years I have been working in the health sector,

and have always been drawn to the holistic aspect of it.


My ambition is to interact with people and help them to feel better.


I am therefore offering you an individual Personal Coaching Program.

To achieve optimal well-being, we pursue balanced nutrition in a relaxed environment,

combined with a series of gentle and profound exercises.


These three components will allow you to discover your own resources and the knowledge of how to create

personal balance in your life.


The 3-dimensional Health Coaching Program:

  • Nutritional Consulting:

     Following the guidelines of the DGE

     (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung).

  • Relaxation Techniques:

     Stress management, progressive muscle relaxation,

     Self-Awareness-AT training.

  • Exercises:

     Qi Gong, Lui Guizhen, Lui Ya Fei and recommandation of other

     physical activity or sports.


 It is important for you as my client and for me that I provide you

 with a global analysis of the different modules mentioned above.


By effectively integrating all three modules we will together

find a way to reach


Our goal: your ideal weight, and to maintain it! 


I have a saying:

Enjoy each day of your life with happiness in your heart“.


Sincerely yours,

Gabriela Mai