Personal empowerment:

How to adapt to life changes.

How to manage difficult situations.

How to set priorities and handle stress.

How to find your Inner self.

How to increase self confidence.


Stress management:

Qi Gong - technique to reduce stress related symtoms

Back pain



Concentration problems


Health and Well-being:

The science of a balanced nutrition.

Diet guide for family nutrition.

Food excess and the repercussions on health.

Your individual Health Plan.


Pre- and Menopause:

Hormonal imbalance.


Hot Flashes.

What now?


Please contact us for the schedule, time and dates of the workshops.

Qi Gong

Workshops - Weekends

  • 11.01.-12.01.2014 Taiji Qi Gong for Beginners
  • 18. 01.-19.01.2014 Ba Duan Jin
  • 25.01.-26.01. 2014 Si Er Duan Jin
  • 01.03.- 02.03.2014 Wu Qin Xi
  • 08.03.-09.-03 2014 Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa
  • 15.03.-16.03. 2014 Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang
  • 22.03.- 23.03. 2014 Nü Zi Qi Gong