Scientific studies at the Beijing Sport University in collaboration with the International Health Qi Gong Federation IHQF (China) revealed the health benefits of the different technics. 

NÜ ZI Qi Gong – specific for women

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More recently the Nudan (female alchemy) texts from the 17th century were discovered in China with details of Qi Gong practices for women created centuries before. In the repressive era of neo-Confucianism, small groups of women were permitted to practice at home; no following of male teachers was allowed. During these times only women of privilege had access to this information.


Although secret for many centuries, Women’s Qi Gong is now

emerging, at a perfect time to be part of an integrative approach to

women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health through cultivation

of feminine energy, empowerment and self-discovery.

Women’s Qi Gong is suitable for every stage

of a woman’s life, including:

  • menstruation,
  • pregnancy,
  • birthing & recovery,
  • pre-menopause
  • menopause.


In modern times, Master Liu Ya Fei, physician, Director of the

Medical Qigong Clinic in Beidaihe, China developed

Nü Zi Qigong based on the techniques described in the Nudan documents.

This form was widely acclaimed when it was presented at the Female Meditation Techniques in Late Imperial & Modern China

international conference.


Women’s Qi Gong is a unique empowering journey of

self-realization in health, healing, sexuality, and relationships.

The exercises are gentle, graceful and fluid, addressing the distinctive

energetic constitution of women, so natural to our being, and therefore easy to learn.


The meditations and guided imagery are geared to the divine feminine within.

Self-acupressure and massage techniques release blocked Yin Qi, bringing life saving energy and blood

to the breasts, uterus, cervix, and ovaries.


Experienced in a sisterhood of practitioners, a unique strong Yin energy field is generated to nourish,

enlighten and empower feminine true nature.

Through these traditions, we aspire to unite in the highest level of energy as if we are completely devoid

of our bodies.


* Technique from Prof. Lui Ya Fei / TCM - China